Herbal Supplements All They Are Cracked Up To Be?

I watched yet another news blurb today about herbal remedies. I view them with mixed emotions, a lot of the time they are either totally inaccurate or taken out of context. This one was well done and says exactly what I have been saying. Some herbs require specialist knowledge to be safe, many herbs can interact with prescription medications and you should always discuss any supplements you might want to take with your doctor.

St. John’s Wort: This is a very useful herb, but not one to be taken without some consideration. Severe depression and those with bipolar should not use it, but rely on whatever your doctor prescribes. The other problem is that it can interact with a lot of other medications. While today’s news report just mentioned heart medications quite rightly there are other significant interactions. Sedatives, antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs and anything that can cause drowsiness will interact.

Ginkgo Biloba: Those with memory problems, particularly if it is caused by dementia may find some help from this herb. Students like it, because it may improve thinking thus improving studying and the results of test taking. PMS, glaucoma and some problems for diabetics may also be improved. read more

Causes Of Dislocations

Dislocations may happen to anyone at any time. Therefore, you should be able to prevent such injuries from happening. Knowing what causes them is the first step for you to be able to avoid getting dislocations. Below are some examples of things that may cause your joints and bones to be damaged.

Sports – People who love playing sports should always be careful with their body. They are the most prone when it comes to physical injuries such as dislocations. You need to understand that joint injuries happen not only when they are hit but also when that part of the body is used excessively without any rest. Many sports players exhaust themselves during practice. Examples of sports which can extremely endanger your joints include basketball, tennis, and volleyball. Therefore, it is very important that you wear protective gears and do warm-up exercises in order to avoid any sports-related injuries.

Trauma – When you are hit hard on part of your body, it is normal to get a bruise or an open wound. If in the accident, your joints are targeted, that could be a more serious problem. Traumas can cause your joints to be separated from your bone, hence, dislocation may happen. In case of accidents such as car accidents or bike accidents, you need to contact a physician immediately. If the impact is really hard, you need immediate medical assistance in order for the injury to recover immediately. read more

Chronic Sinusitis Treatment

Are you experiencing constant sinus pain and pressure? Do you always take tissues with you wherever you go because you are always blowing your nose? Do you have a terrible smell in your nose? These are all signs of sinusitis. It can be a painful and downright aggravating ailment that needs treatment.

You should see your doctor for the sinus pain that you are feeling. You could have an infection that will require antibiotics to get rid of it. Do not take over the counter medicines for sinus pain and pressure until you have seen your doctor to rule out an infection. If you smoke, you should try stopping. Smoking greatly aggravates sinus conditions.

A thorough examination of the inside of your nose and sinus cavities is what your physician will do to determine the sinus problem you are having. There are a couple of things that he can look for in a visual inspection of the inside of your nasal cavities. Nasal polyps which can be a cause of the problem can sometimes be seen with the naked eye. read more

Abscess Treatment

There are two main factors that determine the recommended type of abscess treatment. First, it is the size of the abscess and secondly, it is its location on your body. In many cases, abscesses are basically drained and the patient is given antibiotics to help prevent the infection from spreading.
Before abscess treatment, it is important to determine the main cause of the abscess. If the bacteria that is causing the abscess is not determined, it might develop a resistance to antibiotics causing the abscesses to keep on recurring. This will make permanent abscess treatment difficult if not impossible.

Sometimes, some abscesses do not respond to treatment. This is very common in liver abscesses. Most times, bacteria that does not respond to abscess care is fatal. The other option that can be left in this case is to drain out the abscess completely. This is done by a doctor in an operation. Abscess drainage is a very simple and safe procedure. There are very few risks involved in this form of abscess care. The only challenge that most doctors encounter is how to suitably place the drainage tube inside the abscess. However, if this skin abscess treatment is done properly, the abscess will be removed completely.

During this procedure, the doctor makes a cut in the abscess. This allows all the pus to drain out and the doctor can even decide to take a sample of the pus for testing. Testing is important in abscess care since it enables the doctor to determine the type of bacteria causing the infection. Once all the pus has been removed, the doctor will clean the hole using a salt solution. read more

How To Treat Gum Disease

Gum disease is one of the most common health problems in America, yet in many cases, it is completely avoidable. Left untreated, gum disease can permanently damage many of the tissues in your mouth that are responsible for keeping your teeth in place.
Gum disease is known by professionals as Periodontitis. It is actually a term for a group of inflammatory diseases that affect the periodontium, or gum tissues. You needn’t be old to contract these diseases, either. Youngsters can also get it, so it’s best to adopt proper dental care procedures from a young age to prevent them.

If you are one of the unfortunate people who has contracted this condition, what can you do to treat it? There are several things that can be done to help rid yourself of the ravages of gum disease, but the best thing, as with many health conditions, is to catch it early. The early stages of gum disease are known as Gingivitis, and thankfully, these can usually be completely treated if they occur.

What You Can Do To Treat Your Gums

The first stage of gum disease treatment involves a strict brushing and flossing regimen. Brush your teeth at least 3 times each day, preferably four times. Make sure you brush for at least 2 minutes. Many people neglect proper brushing, which can easily lead to dental problems, including gum issues. Next is flossing completely all your teeth, including below the gum area. You needn’t really floss all your teeth, only, as one dentist succinctly put it ” ones you want to keep”. Floss at least once each day, but twice is better. read more

Causes Of Dandruff

Dandruff is a common skin condition that affects the scalp. The term dandruff medically referred to as pityriasis capitis, is usually used for the appearance of dry skin flakes, which are actually the shedding of dead skin cells.
The epidermal layer of our skin continuously gets exfoliated as old skin cells die, making way for new cells. Our skin sheds dead cells continuously, but we cannot see them as the process is slow and the flakes are too small to be seen by the naked eye. The process which usually takes a month under normal conditions is hastened in the case of a person affected with dandruff. In such cases, new cells are produced and shed within a period of 2 to 7 days. The dead cells appear in the form of clumps of white flakes, occurring in patches on the scalp and lay scattered all over the head. These flakes often form oily clumps as dandruff is usually associated with excessive secretion of sebum (an oily substance that moisturizes the skin) by the sebaceous glands.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is a chronic skin disorder affecting the high sebum secreting areas such as the scalp, center of the face – especially around the nose, chest, ears, occasionally on the groin and skin folds. Severe dandruff is seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp, accompanied by the formations of red lesions, itching and burning sensation. Usually, thick, greasy, reddish patches appear, which have a dry scaly appearance. Moisturizing them only enhances the condition. Seborrheic dermatitis may appear in infants in the form of ‘cradle cap’. It generally subsides as the child grows and may reappear as dandruff when adulthood sets in.
It may also appear in people suffering from Parkinson’s disease or people having immuno-deficiency as in the case of HIV infected people.


Skin infections accompanied by hectic lifestyles often give rise to dandruff. Some other causes can be listed as:
Oversecretion of sebum – Overactive sebaceous glands that secrete an excessive amount of oily sebum often gives rise to dandruff. Dry skin – Exposure to extreme temperatures often result in dandruff. Dandruff commonly appears in winter months when the skin is dry. People with dry skin are more susceptible to dandruff. read more

Health Benefits of Coffee

Is it about time we were nice to coffee and coffee drinkers? Coffee is one of those things that we like to have a bit of a moan about, and we come up with all sorts of outrageous claims. The fact is that some people can tolerate certain foods, or drinks, better than others. Personally, I can’t tolerate orange juice at all, but I can enjoy the health benefits of coffee. I am glad about that as I have found that coffee can do wonders for my IBS, and I have to confess that I slightly addicted to the taste of coffee as well.

Health Benefits of Coffee

Did you know that in those countries where a lot of coffee is drunk, such as Finland and Sweden, the risk of bowel cancer is considerably lower? On average people drink eight cups of black coffee in these countries, and seem to have less bowel health problems. There is certainly a link, and scientists recently discovered that coffee could indeed keep your bowel healthy. Now, all they need to do is to figure out the active ingredient, and we have another natural remedy to help us.

Coffee certainly is a very gentle stimulant, but some people are sensitive to the oils and caffeine in the coffee. It is the caffeine which makes us hyperactive, unable to sleep and generally can make us feel a bit shaky. Caffeine does not affect your heart, but the oils in coffee can do that. But, one of the health benefits of coffee is a stimulant and can make us more mentally alert. read more

Fasting Health Benefits and Pitfalls

 Fasting is becoming very popular, but the question is, should we fast? There are fasting health benefits and pitfalls, and you should be careful with fasting. Looking at fasting, it will not do us any harm in the short term, but the question is, should we fast on a regular basis. I have tried fasting as part of a medical experiment, and I have to say that I wasn’t too happy with some of the results. The process of fasting elevated my liver enzymes, and unfortunately, that means that your liver is experiencing stress, but there are other pitfalls as well.

The Health Benefits of Fasting

Fasting should be practiced out of necessity. It is unlikely to do you any harm if you do for a few days, but it may not do you any good neither. So, when should you consider fasting? The best time to fast is when you are sick. Perhaps your mom used to give you chicken soup when you were little. This is a very simple form of fasting and helps the body to heal itself. read more

The Health Benefits of Lemon Water

lemon waterLemon Water Is Good For You

Most people don’t realize that lemon comes with health benefits – that it’s more than just a delicious juice to use in their recipes for its great aroma and flavor. Few people realize that you can actually write a whole book on the benefits of lemon water.

Lemons as all citrus fruits are are a great source of vitamin C, of course. What most people don’t realize is that a lemon can be a great way to get other kinds of vitamins too – chiefly vitamin A, vitamins E and B. Usually, you only read about natural ingredients that are this healthy when you’re looking up herbs and other obscure plants. Who would’ve thought that the health benefits of lemon water could extend to strengthening your immunity and your cardiovascular system and help keep cancer at bay?

In our rundown of the benefits of lemon water, let’s start with what it can do to help cure a cold. read more

Seaweed And Health

You haveseaweed most likely chewed on seaweed twisted around a sushi roll, however not many Westerners would think about getting a bag of the things at the supermarket and indeed its not that easy to get. Take a look at it though,Seaweed is filled with anti-oxidants, calcium, and a broad variety of vitamins, however that does not start to scratch the slippery brown surface area of this interesting food.

So What Makes Seaweed So Good?

A member of the algae household, edible seaweed usually is available in 3 ranges: brown, red, and green. The most typically consumed are the brown ones like wakame and kelp, and red seaweed, the variety which includes nori one of the most commonly known( that’s exactly what the majority of sushi chefs use in their menus).

While seaweed-based food has a long history in numerous Asian nations, Japan has actually made it their number one foodstuff, utilizing over twenty various types in their fare. In a dining establishment, you’re probably to eat seaweed in a little kelp (kombu) salad, added into miso soup, or twisted around a sushi roll. read more