Chronic Sinusitis Treatment

Are you experiencing constant sinus pain and pressure? Do you always take tissues with you wherever you go because you are always blowing your nose? Do you have a terrible smell in your nose? These are all signs of sinusitis. It can be a painful and downright aggravating ailment that needs treatment.

You should see your doctor for the sinus pain that you are feeling. You could have an infection that will require antibiotics to get rid of it. Do not take over the counter medicines for sinus pain and pressure until you have seen your doctor to rule out an infection. If you smoke, you should try stopping. Smoking greatly aggravates sinus conditions.

A thorough examination of the inside of your nose and sinus cavities is what your physician will do to determine the sinus problem you are having. There are a couple of things that he can look for in a visual inspection of the inside of your nasal cavities. Nasal polyps which can be a cause of the problem can sometimes be seen with the naked eye.

If your doctor does not see anything obvious through a visual examination, then he might do some further testing to get to the root of your sinus problem. One of these tests could be nasal endoscopy. This is when a light is inserted into your nose and it can allow the doctor to see further than he would be able to without it.

If nothing shows up on an endoscopy test, then your health care provider may set up for tomography or magnetic resonance imaging. You have probably heard of these tests as being called a CT scan or an MRI. These tests will allow your doctor to see deep in the sinus cavities for things like inflammation or if there is the presence of some sort of obstruction.

There are laboratory tests you can have done that will determine the cause of your sinus pain and pressure. These are usually done to see if there is a bacterial pathogen causing your pain. Sometimes these tests take a week or so to get positive results from. You may be prescribed pain medication and an antihistamine to control your symptoms until results are back.

Allergies can be the cause of your sinus troubles as well. Many times an allergy can cause severe sinus pain and pressure as in the case of infections. Your doctor may do a series of allergy tests to find out if you are experiencing the symptoms of an allergy. You might have allergy symptoms due to seasonal things like pollen and oak spores or they may be caused by something that you are being exposed to in your home.

Chronic sinusitis treatment can be done in these various tests and other steps that your health care provider may choose to take. You can help by making sure that you always follow your doctor’s instructions and make sure that you stay away from environmental aggravations like smoke and chemicals. Many things in your environment can cause a sinus condition to become worsened and much more painful.