Health Benefits of Coffee

Is it about time we were nice to coffee and coffee drinkers? Coffee is one of those things that we like to have a bit of a moan about, and we come up with all sorts of outrageous claims. The fact is that some people can tolerate certain foods, or drinks, better than others. Personally, I can’t tolerate orange juice at all, but I can enjoy the health benefits of coffee. I am glad about that as I have found that coffee can do wonders for my IBS, and I have to confess that I slightly addicted to the taste of coffee as well.

Health Benefits of Coffee

Did you know that in those countries where a lot of coffee is drunk, such as Finland and Sweden, the risk of bowel cancer is considerably lower? On average people drink eight cups of black coffee in these countries, and seem to have less bowel health problems. There is certainly a link, and scientists recently discovered that coffee could indeed keep your bowel healthy. Now, all they need to do is to figure out the active ingredient, and we have another natural remedy to help us.

Coffee certainly is a very gentle stimulant, but some people are sensitive to the oils and caffeine in the coffee. It is the caffeine which makes us hyperactive, unable to sleep and generally can make us feel a bit shaky. Caffeine does not affect your heart, but the oils in coffee can do that. But, one of the health benefits of coffee is a stimulant and can make us more mentally alert.

Coffee and cellulite

No, coffee does not clog up your pores, cause spots or give you varicose veins. We are quick to claim that coffee can cause skin problems, including cellulite. But here is the kicker, there are three different forms of cellulite, and none of them are caused by coffee. Cellulite is a skin problem, and the caffeine in coffee can help to remove cellulite my stimulating microcirculation. If you look around the shops, you will find that major skin care manufacturers have caught onto that. Products contain caffeine are now flooding the market.

If I were you, I would not bother with any of them. Make your product by mixing sea salt, ginger and coffee. It is a lot cheaper and is very easy to do. This is how to do it:

1 cup of instant coffee grains
1 cup of coarse sea salt
5 centimeters of grated ginger root

Spread the ginger root on a tray and allow to dry, it will take about 24 hours. You can also dry it in a slightly warm oven. Mix with the salt and coffee in, and place in a damp proof glass canister. Use the mixture on a loofah when you take your shower. Salt is used to carry the active ingredients and will also remove dead skin cells. The ginger and coffee will increase microcirculation, and you should soon notice an improvement in your cellulite. Don’t forget to exercise, and walking is the best exercise for cellulite.

Let’s be nice to coffee, and perhaps we can then discover more associated health benefits of coffee.