Neck Pain ? – Maybe You Need A Good Pillow

neck painMany people have problems sleeping due to injuries and painful health conditions. Using neck pain pillows for sleeping can help a great deal, and will give you a better night’s sleep.

There are many common health conditions which can benefit from neck pain pillows. Arthritis affecting the neck is one of those conditions, but there are also many others which can benefit from a good quality neck pain pillow.

5 Health Conditions Which Can Be Eased When Sleeping Using Neck Pain Pillows

Constant neck pain can be very difficult to cope with and manage. Often neck pain becomes worse at night, and many sufferers do not get a good night’s sleep. Proper position of the neck is important when treating any type of neck pain but this is often easier said than done.
Whiplash Injury

A whiplash injury often results in sudden neck trauma. It is commonly caused by car accidents but can also occur under other circumstances. It just is commonly thought that this injury healed quickly with the help of anti-inflammatory medication. We now know that this is not true.

A whiplash injury can both cause nerve damage and long lasting soft tissue damage which in turn causes circulatory problems. Any pressure on the neck, such as sleeping with a poorly designed pillow, can cause severe pain.

There is a clear connection between migraines and neck pain. Many migraine sufferers report neck pain before an attack, and the most severe attacks seem to take place early in the morning after a night’s restless sleep.

Interestingly enough, neck pain in migraine conditions is often associated with ocular migraines. Doctors now believe that there is a clear link between optical nerve damage and neck pain. Using a neck pain pillow would help to reduce the frequency of these types of migraine attacks.
Spinal Injuries

There are many different types of spinal injuries which can affect the upper spine and neck. Lifting or handling heavy equipment will not only damage the lower lumbar region, it can on many occasions also damage the upper part of the spine.

This type of injury can be aided by physiotherapy, but any adjustment made during a session must stay in place to be effective. Patients often return home and use a badly designed pillow for sleeping. This does not keep the adjustment in place, and may even aggravate the injury.

There is a very good reason why physiotherapists suggest to their patients that they should invest in a good quality pillow to sleep better.

Upper spinal injuries can often lead to long-term conditions, and extreme tiredness is often part of the condition. This may be down to nerve damage, but many patients with this type of injury, complain about poor or disrupted sleep due to pain.

When the neck is in a better and more comfortable position, many say that they both sleep better and experience less pain. Overall their health seems to improve and this forms a very compelling argument for using neck pain pillows for sleeping.

Osteoporosis is also known as Brittle Bone disease. This is due to a lack of calcium being absorbed by our bones, and osteoporosis of the neck is very common.

It is a difficult condition to manage but ensuring that the neck gets the proper support can help to reduce pain when sleeping. Women suffer from this condition more than men, and offer describes their sleeping experience as ” the neck flopping from side to side”.

Unfortunately, this can lead to even more damage to the skeletal structure of the neck. Neck braces have been found to help but they may restrict blood flow to the neck.

Using a correct pillow is a better alternative as this also improves vital blood flow. Improved circulation is known to help with many painful neck conditions, and osteoporosis of the neck is one of them.

Strokes and Necks

It is not clear why many stroke patients experience neck pain but it is thought to be associated with a narrowing or damage to the arteries in the neck. Inflammation of arterial walls could also be another associated condition which can result in severe long-term neck pain.

The use of a neck pain pillow can help a stroke patient when both sitting up in bed or when resting laying down. Once again, it will help to increase circulation and blood flow to the brain, and may even reduce headaches so often suffered by victims of strokes.

Medical researchers and doctors are increasingly beginning to appreciate the importance of a good night’s sleep. The right pillow to treat conditions such as neck pain, will not only help us to sleep better but will also make us feel more alert and awake the next day.