Triglycerides & Cholesterol

lower triglyceridesYou may have visited your doctor recently and he may have told you that your triglyceride is too high and need to be lowered. You may not even have heard of triglyceride. The name may sound like you have just been invaded by an alien, but in reality, these are just fats. The reality is these are the fats that can create massive problems in the body and on the arteries. If you want to lower your triglycerides, it is important to keep an eye on the LDL cholesterol you have, but the good news is lowering your triglycerides naturally is very easy.

Commonly the doctor will want to prescribe drugs, but you need to speak up and be inquisitive about potential side effects. A number of the prescribed drugs that will lower your triglycerides will also result in a loss of muscle mass. This can be devastating for a variety of reasons, but mainly because it can have a considerable effect on your lifestyle. For example, some golfers complain about losing some of the power on their swing after they start taking medication to lower their triglycerides. Regrettably, it is not surprising when you take into account the effect on the muscle mass.

When you have too many triglycerides running around the body, it can be a cause of a heart attack, but it can also be a contributing factor in strokes. Most of us have triglycerides at some point, but some people have more than others. Most of the time, traditional medicine will be at a loss to narrow down exactly what is causing the problem, but in traditional Chinese medicine, it has long been considered a problem with the liver.

The Western scientists tend to disagree with the traditional Chinese approach, but recently the traditional Chinese practitioners have been shown to possibly be on the right track, as the higher levels of triglycerides and cholesterol imbalances have been shown as a result of the liver being inflamed.

Dietary Changes

The diet is one of the most important factors when looking at lowering triglycerides. Red meat that has a lot of fat can lead to quite a few triglycerides forming in the bloodstream. So you should cut down on the red meat that you consume, which will include beef, pork, and even lamb. You can replace this meat with chicken, turkey, and wild game. Game meat like deer does not make the body produce triglycerides and is also less likely to have the artificial fillers in it. It is naturally lean meat.

Eating cold water fish three times a week is another change you can make. The cold water fish include tuna, salmon, trout, anchovy, and sardines. All you have to do is start to explore your recipes and you can easily find a variety of ways available to cook the fish so you do not get tired of any one method.

How You Eat Your Food

Combining your foods together can help keep your liver and digestive tract busy. When you combine your meats, vegetables, and starches together you will find that cuts down on the triglycerides forming.

When you eat all of these groups together you are asking a lot for your body to do at once. It is going to be busy breaking down the meat, but when you combine in the potatoes as well the body cannot break them down properly. So you should try to eat just the meat and vegetables together or the vegetables and starch. When you do this, you will start to see your body weight and cholesterol is going to start to drop. Research on food combining has been around for a while and a quick search on the internet will help you further if you are interested in this approach.

Mornings are the start of a healthy day, but some people will eat a lot of fatty foods right off the bat. Instead, they should use fruit and grains combined with a yogurt, which will make the morning digestion faster, but also give the body an energy shot.

Eating right will help you sleep better as well. It may seem a little odd to say, but when you sleep your body will take in all the food you have eaten during the day. If you do not eat before going to sleep you are going to wake up more often. Yes, your body does need energy to sleep, so a light snack like milk before bed is a good idea.

Move Your Body

You may think that going to the gym is a great idea. However, if you are moving just a little bit each day and on a regular basis, it is better than working out for a long period of time all at once. Little and often is the key. You can easily do this by walking, biking, or swimming. As a matter of fact, when you do this or any other exercise you will most likely to reduce your triglycerides.

Improving your own health does not have to be a chore. You should be able to enjoy the changes as much as you want to. Personally walking and yoga has become a life changer for me and made me healthier than my friends who hit the gym each day.